Our Story

Print Poppers was born from a love my husband and I have of collecting fun t-shirts/sweatshirts/mugs from businesses all over the map. So often, though, we would inquire about such items only to be told that they don't carry any or only have one XXL shirt collecting dust on the shelf. The story was usually the same: carrying a line of products was costly, labor intensive, took up space, and ended up being difficult to manage with all of the sizes and colors their customers needed. 

We decided to start a business that would take all of the work, expense and inventory out of the equation. Businesses can simply give us access to their logo or branding and we will do the rest. We design the layout of the items (with input and approval from the business owner), create the online store and handle all of the sales. Businesses simply direct people to the online store and enjoy seeing their business being proudly promoted on all of their loyal customers.